Other Products from CoolCoat

Other Products from CoolCoat

While many customers choose Insitu spray applied corrosion protection, we also offer ElectroFin and GulfCoat products in Fort Myers, FL. Our experienced team will help you select the ideal product based on your project requirements and other factors.


About ElectroFin

ElectroFin is a trusted coating that improves energy efficiency and reduces costs by protecting equipment from corrosion. The ElectroFin coating is ideal for aluminum applications, particularly micro-channel heat exchangers. Customers choose this coating because of its exceptional flexibility, durability, adhesion, and coverage. It offers optimal UV protection and corrosion resistance. With a uniform thickness, customers can count on excellent coverage, from the edges to the system’s inner workings. ElectroFin promises dependable protection that cuts costs.

About GulfCoat

The GulfCoat corrosion protection coatings offer anti-corrosion properties that penetrate deep into the system for full coverage. This product is ideal for on-site application, making it a fast, efficient process resulting in minimal downtime. It offers many benefits, including improved airflow, effective moisture protection, and simple maintenance. By protecting equipment in Fort Myers, FL, from corrosion, companies can trust their equipment will last longer and will cost less in maintenance and repairs over time.


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